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Kaldoran Bloodwar / Dec 29, 2016
We are starting off the New Year with Pure INSANITY! To start, I already have in hand, the DUSK, and DAWN Precursor weapons, to give to ONE PERSON! I have started taking contributions for these Weapons. ONE PERSON gets them both. Post as little or as much gold as you like for it, if your number is Drawn when we draw, you get BOTH weapons which together are over 1400 GOLD as of 12-29-16. The FOLLOWING Month I am giving to ONE Lucky Person The DREAMER Rainbow Unicorn BOW! That weapon presently is worth over 2700 GOLD! So yeah, AARM is still the place to be, we've been doing this for 11 Years now! Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM)!!!!


Overlord Kaldoran Bloodwar-Leader of the five AARM GUILDS
Kaldoran Bloodwar / Dec 15, 2015
CHRISTMAS RAFFLE is Upon Us! 50/50. Half of the funds go to the guild for future events, such as this year's 500 GOLD PVP Team PvP Tournament where 33 players each were winners and walked away with 15 gold or last summer's 750 GOLD Speed Run tournament in COF where 1st place team got 250 Gold, 2nd 200, 3rd 150, 4th 100 and 5th 50 and the other half, plus many items and perhaps a few video games from our Steam Group go to you, the members of the Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM) guilds. Shoot, we even did a 1000 gold Fashion Contest this year. To Participate, please place 1 to 5 gold in the top section "OFFICER STASH" of the guild bank and we will keep record of your contribution here on the guild website and on the 9th of January we will TWITCH Stream Live the Drawing-- if your number is drawn, you win!

Go here to see your Raffle Numbers
Kaldoran Bloodwar / Oct 14, 2015
AARM Of Thorns Birthday Bash
Largest Guild in Guild Wars 2 Throws 10th Anniversary Party, Celebrates Community and Developers
By Jonah Marriner on October 12, 2015

(AARM NEWS) – This November 1st, the largest guild in “Guild Wars 2” is throwing an all-out bonanza for their 10th Anniversary. With over 2,000 members under a single organizational leader, Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM) has had an enormous impact on the community of “Guild Wars 2” over the past three years, especially on its home Tarnished Coast server, and is looking to let loose and celebrate the achievements of the guild, the community and the game at large with players both veteran and new.
Led by guild leader Kaldoran Bloodwar, the AARM Guild has been near the forefront of community involvement for years, throwing community events far and wide, including THE party for the destruction of Lion's Arch attended by Josh Foreman (the designer of that in-game city) among others. With an enormous variety of members, playstyles, and playerbase involvements, AARM is looking now to really give back to “Guild Wars 2” and celebrate both the thriving community and the hard work of the developer team at Arenanet in pushing the first expansion, “Heart of Thorns” out the door. It's been a long slog these last few months before the release of the expac, and both the playerbase at large and the devs themselves could use some time here at launch to relax, down some omnomberry juice, and celebrate.
The Birthday Bash is set to include an exciting array of games, entertainment, and prizes. As a true celebration across Tyria, the event will begin at the Black Citadel city in-game and progress to another 'capital' city for each major activity. The event is set to include a fashion contest, live music, races, scavenger hunts, trivia, treats, fireworks, and – of course – fabulous prizes!
Here at AARM we're incredibly excited to celebrate with you, so if you want to really see the “Guild Wars 2” community thriving, come join the largest guild in-game in a general celebration of everything that makes this game and community wonderful! Bring your bookahs, bring your brews, bring your hype and sewn Colin Johanson sweaters, we're turning the party up to 11!

Note: Further information on party contacts and coordinators will be posted on reddit and the official “Guild Wars 2” forums within the coming week or two.
Key Details:
What: “AARM Of Thorns Birthday Bash”, celebrating 10 years of Apocalyptic Armageddon, and the continuing strength of “Guild Wars 2” community and development. Event will include a fashion contest, so be sure to get your best-looking characters ready!
When: This coming November 1st, starting at 6pm PST or 9pm EDT, and continuing for roughly two-three hours.
Where: Starting at the Ruins of Rin Waypoint in the Black Citadel, and progressing through each of the 5 racial capital cities.
Why: To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the largest guild in-game, along with the launch of the first major expansion for the game and all the work that the developers and community continue to display in supporting “Guild Wars 2!”
How: Coordination information will continue to be pushed out as we get closer to the date of the celebration. Keep an eye on the AARM facebook page, main page, Guild Wars 2 Official Forums, and the Guild Wars 2 Reddit for more details on party contacts, overflow taxis, and more at: