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A New Message from Overlord Kaldoran Bloodwar

Kaldoran Bloodwar / Feb 24, 2015
Over 1500 Members in AARM today, all who have played the game in the past 30 days!

To START, WE ARE NOT FULLY 100 Percent Rep: Word to new hires who are looking for a new guild. Know that AARM has the benefit that allows people to be in a 100 Percent Rep guild or a Non-100 Rep guild in AARM. You will find that info in your Applications to us.

September 13th, 2014 was the last time I posted a rather important message expressing the goings on with AARM. We have gotten beyond the dark era for Apocalyptic Armageddon and there is LIGHT at the end of the TUNNEL! I have posted the following message on our SteamGroup, our FaceBook Community page and our Facebook Closed Group. I will also post something on the Twitter.

Okay Members, Apocalyptic Armageddon Crusade (AARM4) is back in business! We are looking for 100 Percent Reppers. Anyone who wishes to transfer there, we will set you as Elite Member in rank, so if you are lower than Elite in your home AARM guild, this will be a promotion for you. But you join AARM4 on the condition and acceptance that it is a 100 percent Represent guild with all of your toons. You can Represent your personal guild banks in cities, but please when you leave cities, you would Represent AARM. It is a FULLY Upgraded guild like AARM 1, 2, and 3 and by having committed members to it we can keep those buffs running.

Please contact me in game, the Overlord, Bloodstorm.6015 with a mail, your account name and branch of AARM you presently are in. It will allow me to track you from your home AARM guild and get things rolling. If you don't know which branch you are in, press G: AARM1 is called Apocalyptic Armageddon, AARM2 is Order of Apocalyptic Armageddon and AARM3 is called Apocalyptic Armageddon Legion. We may temporarily leave you in your home guilds too, so that if things are slow in AARM4, you will be able to hop between it and your original AARM guild so you have others to play with. Soon we will be inviting new hires to AARM4 and want them to have a member base to play with.

Thanks all for helping AARM become the awesome guild that it is today! It is because of you we have gone this far as a guild!

Sincerely, your leader,

Overlord Kaldoran Bloodwar, leader of all five Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM) guilds


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