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750 Gems from the Black Lion given away, just like that!

Kaldoran Bloodwar / Apr 26, 2015
Congratulations to the 6 Members who met me at the guild STRONGHOLD:TeamSpeak Server for my Snap Inspection. You've been promoted. Alice Umbrella; congratulations on your 750 gem item for being the first there! REMINDER EVERYONE: Randomly throughout the year... and also every month this year, I will be gifting items and video games to members of AARM.. for using our TeamSpeak Server. Already, I have gifted over 200 dollars worth of video games and 1000 gems worth of items from the Black Lion for members who use our TeamSpeak Server. I gift them through our Steam community called AARMGUILDS. The next person to win an item will have it magically ninja'd to their inbox and then announced in guild chat and through our other means of communication and that person will be someone I am familiar with, someone I know visits TeamSpeak Regularly.


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