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FREE VIDEO GAME+500 Gold Costume Competition

Kaldoran Bloodwar / Jun 05, 2015

Good morning Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM). 300 to 500 GOLD Costume Competition is going on this weekend with a grand prize of 50 dollars -Gems items/Gems Transfers/or Steam Video Game for the BEST! Next Month is our 2000 GOLD RAFFLE, which we do every 3 months!

Imagine if you win 50 dollars! Would you EXCHANGE Gems for GOLD? Would you get yourself a 50 dollar video game, would you gather 50 dollars in items from the Black Lion? I see your gears turning! Kal is opening his wallet, like he does EVERY MONTH this year and buying a video game of 50 dollars for ONE Member if that member CHOOSES to have a video game from our SteamGroup AARMGUILDS. If that member instead chooses to have 50 dollars in Gems items instead from the Black Lion, that member will get 50 dollars in items. If that member instead asks Kal for GOLD from that 50 dollars, Kal will buy 50 dollars in Gems--convert the 50 dollars in Gems to Gold and in-game mail that member the gold.

Apocalyptic Armageddon is the largest and best guild in all of Tyria and you know it and this weekend you will get to see why. After Guild Missions Saturday! AARM TeamSpeak is
No Password.

The GUILD COSTUME COMPETITION takes place after Guild Missions this Saturday Night!


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