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AARM's 10 Year Anniversary Guild Raffle

Kaldoran Bloodwar / Oct 04, 2015
Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM) is now ten years old everyone! :) Congratulations for a Decade of Apocalyptic Armageddon!

So, let me break down how these Raffles work so you can decide whether you feel you would like to contribute to our cause. Firstly allow me to explain how you can contribute and then I will give you a break down one what we do with the funds.

If you wish to contribute to our cause, you can do so by heading to the Guild Bank which can be found in any of the major cities in Tyria. 1 to 5 gold is the buy-in which gets you 1 to 5 tickets and likewise, you can mail the gold directly to the leader of AARM, Kaldoran Bloodwar, aka Bloodstorm.6015 ALSO: Physical Items: These can expand our contribution back to you all in a good way. Last big event we did, we gave away three Chaos Skins which at the time, each were worth 225 gold each, so that is very helpful. We have given away Precursor weapons so if any of you have items you wish to have given out at the Raffle, you can place in the guild bank or send directly to me, Kaldoran Bloodwar.

Alright, so our goal is always 2000 gold so that we can give back 1000 gold to members immediately at the night of the drawing in 50 gold increments which is what we have been doing now for the 3 years we have been in service within the Guild Wars 2 Universe. I am hoping I can match and double what we normally do. Essentially-- I am adding 1000 gold-- will be digging into my credit card to buy gems, convert to gold and you get an idea how much money I am spending personally to boost our Raffle. Essentially- if you look at the conversions, I am paying 100 dollars for the gems and then converting. I don't mind doing this. I will admit, I cant do that every Raffle we do since we do 3 to 4 of them every year, but I do figure, since this is our 10 year Anniversary, this will be a worthy investment into Apocalyptic Armageddon. Here is where things get interesting.

What happens with the other half of guild funds earned from the Raffles? Well, let's see here. This year alone, we have run a 500 gold PvP tournament, a 250 gold Costume Competition and also a 1000 gold Costume Competition. Last year we ran a really cool 750 gold Dungeon Speed Run where the top five quickest teams earned gold as follows: 5th place team got 50 gold, 10 gold to each of five people in the team. 4th place got 100 gold 20 gold each member, 3rd place got 150 gold-30 gold to each member, 2nd got 200 gold-40 gold for each person and lastl, 1st place team got 250 gold-50 gold to each member of that team. These Teams posted a video on YouTube for us to view their event. Amazing ,right?!? :) Well, these events would not happen if it wasn't for the fact you all allow us to afford these through the raffles, so thank you everyone for making Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM) the largest guild in GW2 but even more importantly, the Best Guild in all of Tyria, all of Guild Wars 2!

Which Guild Wars 2 personalities will be attending our birthday this year? Well, Musicians Guild of Tyria will be there performing popular songs from Guild Wars 2 and other current popular songs. Also, GWEN Radio will be there broadcasting the event, interviewing several individuals for this event- and there will be music you can listen to from the stream.

Thanks everyone!

Overlord Kaldoran Bloodwar, Leader of the five Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM) guilds



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