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Kaldoran Bloodwar / Dec 15, 2015
CHRISTMAS RAFFLE is Upon Us! 50/50. Half of the funds go to the guild for future events, such as this year's 500 GOLD PVP Team PvP Tournament where 33 players each were winners and walked away with 15 gold or last summer's 750 GOLD Speed Run tournament in COF where 1st place team got 250 Gold, 2nd 200, 3rd 150, 4th 100 and 5th 50 and the other half, plus many items and perhaps a few video games from our Steam Group go to you, the members of the Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM) guilds. Shoot, we even did a 1000 gold Fashion Contest this year. To Participate, please place 1 to 5 gold in the top section "OFFICER STASH" of the guild bank and we will keep record of your contribution here on the guild website and on the 9th of January we will TWITCH Stream Live the Drawing-- if your number is drawn, you win!

Go here to see your Raffle Numbers


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