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Kaldoran Bloodwar / Sep 20, 2014
Yes, AARM is a different guild today than it was 2 years ago. We do have some people who are not happy, and the evolution of a guild involves up and downs and yes.. last weekend, I had a senior officer of the guild ask that we close down AARM3, and transfer every willing member from AARM3 to AARM1 and 2.. which I will NOT accept without fighting first for every single member. But to be sure, I had a meeting on our TeamSpeak Server and explained to AARM3 members that we may consider closing AARM3 if we as a guild don't make some improvements.

I was asked, "what can we do to save AARM3?" My answer was Community, getting and offering help to our officers so that they don't feel the burn. Also, I think I know of some things we can do that hopefully will make the experience in AARM more enjoyable... and those things have started last weekend and I have some more ideas on the way which over the next couple of months will forge the evolution that allows AARM to continue to be the greatest and one of the largest guilds in Tyria. Last weekend, I placed AARM Ambassadors on hold while we take the week to reflect. By next weekend at the latest, AARM Ambassadors will be in full swing, posting guild recruitment messages again for AARM and we can get the guilds member counts back up, even though in comparison to other guilds, their numbers are not low.

We've gotta get Guild Missions Leaders willing to keep the weekend event running for those members who find Saturday to be the best day to do missions. We will continue to have Thursdays Makeups running. We will continue to kill Tequatl every Saturday, there is one change that may come about regarding 3 Headed WURM and the day may change from weekend date at least temporarily to a weekday as one of our Commanders in the guild has her weekends on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and according to her, she is offering to lead on one of those 3 days. I won't promise any thing yet and will wait till I see her next on and see about making it happen.

I don't know how many guilds make it to two years of age... AARM in its present form is 2 years however our roots date back to 2005, making the guild 9 years old now. Age of the guild does not matter, the size of the guild does not matter, the members in the guild is what matters. And it just so happens that as your leader, I feel the desire to take us beyond the traditional guild size of 500 Members by many fold and so long as we have the members, the interest, the quality to keep the guild up, it's reputation one which others look up to us as a guild, rather than viewing us as a scourge. We have a lot going for us, we are viewed negatively for being the largest TC Only guild... now we have the Megaservers to deal with and have since allowed members from the other servers to join us as of the last patch.

Starting this weekend going forwards I will be interviewing members of AARM for leadership roles. Many rank and file as well as senior officer positions are available. Can AARM weather this storm? I think so. The showing of support from the members who logged into TeamSpeak tonight showed. The Final Guild meeting for AARM was merely the final Guild Meeting for AARM in its present form. Changes start now. Change doesn't happen over night but you will see the change and hopefully these changes will be positive in the eyes of the majority of AARM. And so, our new journey begins!
Blackk / Apr 06, 2014
The NEW Award section can be seen by hovering over the "Members" link in the navigation bar at the top of the site or by clicking HERE - This area shows you who currently won the award as well as winners of the past.

Award descriptions and how to they are obtained is located HERE

There is now an award section in the forums for each of the new awards where nominations can be added. That section is located HERE

Let the nominations BEGIN!
Quercus Rojo / Mar 13, 2013
The AARM Code of Conduct is located HERE!

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