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Kaldoran Bloodwar / Oct 04, 2015
Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM) is now ten years old everyone! :) Congratulations for a Decade of Apocalyptic Armageddon!

So, let me break down how these Raffles work so you can decide whether you feel you would like to contribute to our cause. Firstly allow me to explain how you can contribute and then I will give you a break down one what we do with the funds.

If you wish to contribute to our cause, you can do so by heading to the Guild Bank which can be found in any of the major cities in Tyria. 1 to 5 gold is the buy-in which gets you 1 to 5 tickets and likewise, you can mail the gold directly to the leader of AARM, Kaldoran Bloodwar, aka Bloodstorm.6015 ALSO: Physical Items: These can expand our contribution back to you all in a good way. Last big event we did, we gave away three Chaos Skins which at the time, each were worth 225 gold each, so that is very helpful. We have given away Precursor weapons so if any of you have items you wish to have given out at the Raffle, you can place in the guild bank or send directly to me, Kaldoran Bloodwar.

Alright, so our goal is always 2000 gold so that we can give back 1000 gold to members immediately at the night of the drawing in 50 gold increments which is what we have been doing now for the 3 years we have been in service within the Guild Wars 2 Universe. I am hoping I can match and double what we normally do. Essentially-- I am adding 1000 gold-- will be digging into my credit card to buy gems, convert to gold and you get an idea how much money I am spending personally to boost our Raffle. Essentially- if you look at the conversions, I am paying 100 dollars for the gems and then converting. I don't mind doing this. I will admit, I cant do that every Raffle we do since we do 3 to 4 of them every year, but I do figure, since this is our 10 year Anniversary, this will be a worthy investment into Apocalyptic Armageddon. Here is where things get interesting.

What happens with the other half of guild funds earned from the Raffles? Well, let's see here. This year alone, we have run a 500 gold PvP tournament, a 250 gold Costume Competition and also a 1000 gold Costume Competition. Last year we ran a really cool 750 gold Dungeon Speed Run where the top five quickest teams earned gold as follows: 5th place team got 50 gold, 10 gold to each of five people in the team. 4th place got 100 gold 20 gold each member, 3rd place got 150 gold-30 gold to each member, 2nd got 200 gold-40 gold for each person and lastl, 1st place team got 250 gold-50 gold to each member of that team. These Teams posted a video on YouTube for us to view their event. Amazing ,right?!? :) Well, these events would not happen if it wasn't for the fact you all allow us to afford these through the raffles, so thank you everyone for making Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM) the largest guild in GW2 but even more importantly, the Best Guild in all of Tyria, all of Guild Wars 2!

Which Guild Wars 2 personalities will be attending our birthday this year? Well, Musicians Guild of Tyria will be there performing popular songs from Guild Wars 2 and other current popular songs. Also, GWEN Radio will be there broadcasting the event, interviewing several individuals for this event- and there will be music you can listen to from the stream.

Thanks everyone!

Overlord Kaldoran Bloodwar, Leader of the five Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM) guilds

Kaldoran Bloodwar / Jun 25, 2015
Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM)--with GW2 Event Organizer, Jonah Marriner hosts GAME WIDE EVENT CELEBRATION Sat. 6PM PDT-Lion's Arch has returned to majesty! Follow AARM's Twitter!

A year and a half ago, AARM partnered with Jonah Marriner at the "Down with the Ship!" An End of LA party to host one hell of a bash celebrating an era of wondrous discoveries, the central financial hub of Tyria, Lion's Arch!
That was then....

Kaldoran Bloodwar / Jun 05, 2015

Good morning Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM). 300 to 500 GOLD Costume Competition is going on this weekend with a grand prize of 50 dollars -Gems items/Gems Transfers/or Steam Video Game for the BEST! Next Month is our 2000 GOLD RAFFLE, which we do every 3 months!

Imagine if you win 50 dollars! Would you EXCHANGE Gems for GOLD? Would you get yourself a 50 dollar video game, would you gather 50 dollars in items from the Black Lion? I see your gears turning! Kal is opening his wallet, like he does EVERY MONTH this year and buying a video game of 50 dollars for ONE Member if that member CHOOSES to have a video game from our SteamGroup AARMGUILDS. If that member instead chooses to have 50 dollars in Gems items instead from the Black Lion, that member will get 50 dollars in items. If that member instead asks Kal for GOLD from that 50 dollars, Kal will buy 50 dollars in Gems--convert the 50 dollars in Gems to Gold and in-game mail that member the gold.

Apocalyptic Armageddon is the largest and best guild in all of Tyria and you know it and this weekend you will get to see why. After Guild Missions Saturday! AARM TeamSpeak is
No Password.

The GUILD COSTUME COMPETITION takes place after Guild Missions this Saturday Night!
Kaldoran Bloodwar / Jun 03, 2015
Okay everyone, it is that time again. RAFFLE! 50/50. Half of the funds go to the guild for future events, such as last weekend's 500 GOLD PVP Team PvP Tournament where 33 players each were winners and walked away with 15 gold or last summer's 750 GOLD Speed Run tournament in COF where 1st place team got 250 Gold, 2nd 200, 3rd 150, 4th 100 and 5th 50 and the other half, plus many items and perhaps a few video games from our Steam Group go to you, the members of the Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM) guilds. To Participate, please place 1 to 5 gold in the top section "OFFICER STASH" of the guild bank and we will keep record of your contribution here on the guild website and on the 2nd weekend of July since the 4th falls on Saturday we will have the drawing, July 11th after GUILD MISSIONS.
Kaldoran Bloodwar / Apr 26, 2015
Congratulations to the 6 Members who met me at the guild STRONGHOLD:TeamSpeak Server for my Snap Inspection. You've been promoted. Alice Umbrella; congratulations on your 750 gem item for being the first there! REMINDER EVERYONE: Randomly throughout the year... and also every month this year, I will be gifting items and video games to members of AARM.. for using our TeamSpeak Server. Already, I have gifted over 200 dollars worth of video games and 1000 gems worth of items from the Black Lion for members who use our TeamSpeak Server. I gift them through our Steam community called AARMGUILDS. The next person to win an item will have it magically ninja'd to their inbox and then announced in guild chat and through our other means of communication and that person will be someone I am familiar with, someone I know visits TeamSpeak Regularly.
Kaldoran Bloodwar / Mar 01, 2015
It is that time again. Ever since December 2013, we've been hitting 2000 gold every 3 months we've done these Raffles and I have faith we can do it again. AARM has over 1500 members and many willing and able-bodied members. 1 to 5 gold contributions to the guild bank TOP SECTION called Officer Stash. Every day, I will be taking the gold from the Stash to store it, and a RECORD of your contribution will be made publically available on this guild website at the top of the General Section. In a month, Saturday, APRIL 4th, we will have the Raffle after Guild Missions. You can be offline to potentially win the gold, however, any additional items we give, you will need to be in game and on the TeamSpeak Server. There will be some rare skins, 20 slot bags to be had and other goodies.
Kaldoran Bloodwar / Feb 24, 2015
Over 1500 Members in AARM today, all who have played the game in the past 30 days!

To START, WE ARE NOT FULLY 100 Percent Rep: Word to new hires who are looking for a new guild. Know that AARM has the benefit that allows people to be in a 100 Percent Rep guild or a Non-100 Rep guild in AARM. You will find that info in your Applications to us.

September 13th, 2014 was the last time I posted a rather important message expressing the goings on with AARM. We have gotten beyond the dark era for Apocalyptic Armageddon and there is LIGHT at the end of the TUNNEL! I have posted the following message on our SteamGroup, our FaceBook Community page and our Facebook Closed Group. I will also post something on the Twitter.

Okay Members, Apocalyptic Armageddon Crusade (AARM4) is back in business! We are looking for 100 Percent Reppers. Anyone who wishes to transfer there, we will set you as Elite Member in rank, so if you are lower than Elite in your home AARM guild, this will be a promotion for you. But you join AARM4 on the condition and acceptance that it is a 100 percent Represent guild with all of your toons. You can Represent your personal guild banks in cities, but please when you leave cities, you would Represent AARM. It is a FULLY Upgraded guild like AARM 1, 2, and 3 and by having committed members to it we can keep those buffs running.

Please contact me in game, the Overlord, Bloodstorm.6015 with a mail, your account name and branch of AARM you presently are in. It will allow me to track you from your home AARM guild and get things rolling. If you don't know which branch you are in, press G: AARM1 is called Apocalyptic Armageddon, AARM2 is Order of Apocalyptic Armageddon and AARM3 is called Apocalyptic Armageddon Legion. We may temporarily leave you in your home guilds too, so that if things are slow in AARM4, you will be able to hop between it and your original AARM guild so you have others to play with. Soon we will be inviting new hires to AARM4 and want them to have a member base to play with.

Thanks all for helping AARM become the awesome guild that it is today! It is because of you we have gone this far as a guild!

Sincerely, your leader,

Overlord Kaldoran Bloodwar, leader of all five Apocalyptic Armageddon (AARM) guilds